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My name is Karen Osborne, I am a mother of 3, and along with one of my daughters I am a Staffordshire Bull Terrier enthusiast. In 1995 I purchased my first Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Her name was Mightystaff Dainty Lass (above image), but to us she was 'Pepper.' I wasn't interested in showing at the time, I had simply fallen in love with the typical Stafford temperament and appearance; but Pepper's breeder advised me that she was a quality girl, and should be in the show ring - and we never looked back!

After a short time in the ring 'Pepper' was made an Australian Champion, it was at this point we looked for a stud dog and found Tykabul Domino Theory. This was to be my first litter, and Pepper's, so in her name we found Pepstaff. This litter contained my first 2 homebred Champions: Ch Pepstaff Yhavamoocow (Moo), and Multi BISS Ch Pepstaff Amaze Me (Eddie - owned by A & D Moxham).

The years flew by, and then in 2004 I received Ch Taroby Unrivalled (Kidd), Ch Tuskstock It Wasn't Me (Shaggy), Ch Tuskstock All Eyez On Me (Hope), Ch Tuskstock Crystal Ball (Betty), and ChTuskstock Broken Arrow (Poppy).

These dogs were to become the new foundations for Pepstaff.

Ch Tuskstock It Wasn't Me (Shaggy) has become a prolific sire, and will be featured in many top winning dogs' pedigrees.

He is the father of:

NZ/AUS Ch Tykabul Mr Boombastic

Ch Tykabul Black Dahlia

Ch Tykabul In Vogue...amoungst many other Champions.

He is the grandfather of:

 Ch Pepstaff Latest News

Ch Pepstaff Let's Get Loud

NZ Ch Pepstaff Makem Cry

Shaggy has not only left his mark in breeding programs, but also in the show ring. He is a RUBISS winner along with his kennel mate Hope (who is also a BISS winner). But to us, he is 'Daggy Shaggy,' and my best mate. 

Over the years we have suffered the loss of Pepper, Eddie, Hope, Betty, Poppy, Kidd, Moo and Shaggy - but these dogs have left a lasting legacy of which no one will ever forget. 


My name is Kayla Osborne and with my mother I am a part of the Pepstaff prefix. My mother founded the prefix when I was only four years old, but for as long as I can remember I have loved the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

When I was younger I loved to handle, as I got older it became less of an interest. However, in late 2009 I decided that I wanted to show again; but with my own dog this time.

So in 2010 I got my first dog, Aldoushire Asstastic (Bayard). He was to be my start in the breed, however I was soon to add more members to my canine family.

A visit by Ch Vanstaff Black Brew (Boags) to our house in 2010 was fate. I adored this boy, and he adored me.

Ch Caybre Lady Gaga (Gaga) joined the boys and I after a visit to Melbourne; I never meant for a new dog to come into my life, but I am sure glad she did.

She became my first Champion.

I followed in mum's footsteps, as my first litter in partnership with her produced my first homebred champion and BISS winner, Ch Pepstaff Poker Face.

I am very lucky to have these dogs, and I am very grateful to my mum, who is my mentor, my biggest influence and who has given me the greatest chance in this breed by allowing me to own those dogs.

To say we are obsessed with Staffords would be an understatement. Our lives would not be full, if there wasn't a Stafford in the house, and we look forward to spending many more years with our Staffords.


The tradition of PEPSTAFF continues; a legacy of proven health, type, temperament, and quality.



'Kayla with Boags and Karen with Gracie in the ring'



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Karen Horley and Kayla Osborne
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone : 02 4647 4242
Email : [email protected]